Adam – original song and reflection on sin

  A rewrite of the familiar story. I’m aware that a technical definition of sin is breaking the law. But Jesus taught that the thought process behind the behavior is even more significant or more effectual than the behavior. What seems most typical is that we decide whether or not we are sinners based on
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Mirror, Mirror is Here, Here

This 2014 Spring, Pastor Dan Whitlow of the New York Conference commissioned me to write a theme song for the Camp Cherokee summer camp season. After getting the details of the theme from Amanda, his daughter, I set to work writing “Mirror, Mirror.” The theme was “Reflecting Christ”–or something close to that; my memory is
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Pandora Radio Play

Now you can listen to “Scott Kabel” on Pandora. They accepted The Harvest EP. How very exciting! The strange thing you might notice is that my station is full of a bunch of indie guitar players who can’t sing that well. What does that say about me?!

The Harvest EP has arrived!

The Harvest EP is here. Check it out on Itunes or look a little further down the page. Big thank you to my friends and family for all the support. Without you, I would be incapable. Producer: Eddie Cornejo; Arrangements: Andrew Osano; Sound Engineering: Victor Salazar, Caleb Vasquez Rachel Keele (vocals), Emily Carlson (vocals), Andrew
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