Running Level Three Night People by Bob Orsillo

Imagined Communities: A Reflection on a Run

Tonight I went for a run on the north campus of my university. My uncle’s text, which I found when I returned to my car afterward, “OK. Be careful out there,” was more appropriate than he knew. This plot of concrete, grass, buildings, and trees has been stringing together sexual assaults, armed robberies, and discarded weapons over
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Racism as Symptom – Part 2

Racism is real. The church massacre in South Carolina is a sore and tragic example of it. As I continue discussion on the limitations of the concept of race and the resulting racism, I am compelled to restate that I do not mean to trivialize the stories of those who have experienced racism. As a society,
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Racism as Symptom – Part 1

As a concept, race is perhaps second only to gender in crudeness. While the current talk about gender is acquiring nuance by the bucketload (maybe too enthusiastically), the categories are still relatively stable and are still, regardless of what they are considered to be at the moment, used to group and understand giant swaths of
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Fall 2014 Reading List – Fire Ideas

The semester is winding down, and I’m in the middle of Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach. Palmer has reminded me to think back to the mentors that have called me up, lifted me, and acquainted me with who I could become. At the same time, I feel the need to begin reflecting on a
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Pride and Language Learning

I’m interested in how the human condition affects life-long learning. I believe that the venue of language learning is perfect for analyzing how our own beliefs and weaknesses keep us from being successful. Language seems to be a fundamental aspect of the human experience. As such, it becomes a fundamental aspect of the individual’s identity.
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Masters Capstone Project

This paper was my gateway through graduation. It is, of course, not peer-reviewed, but it is primary research (IRB legit) and vetted by a first and second reading scholar from Andrews University. Project Paper