Mirror, Mirror is Here, Here

This 2014 Spring, Pastor Dan Whitlow of the New York Conference commissioned me to write a theme song for the Camp Cherokee summer camp season. After getting the details of the theme from Amanda, his daughter, I set to work writing “Mirror, Mirror.” The theme was “Reflecting Christ”–or something close to that; my memory is fuzzy on it now–and my goal was to consider the goals of the Christian life in terms of what our responsibility is to our God and to our communities. “Mirror, Mirror” makes the claim that we are not to create our own truth and love, but, rather, are to simply reflect God’s. Similarly, rather than reflecting our circumstances or other pressures around us in our attitudes, we are to rely on the constancy of God’s goodness and love.

The song was a success–inexorably taking on some different nuances than I had written, which is to be expected for a group song that I wasn’t around to teach. When I introduced it at the Camp Cherokee 50th Year Reunion, it was also well-received. Consequently, I recorded a version and posted it to BandCamp. Have a listen and buy a copy if you like it!

Mirror Mirror

By Scott Kabel

G                     D/F#
When the sun goes down and the moon comes out
Em              C
And the sky is midnight blue,
G                    D/F#
The lesser light sent to light the night
Em               C
Reminds us what to do
G                  C
Our only job, with the help of God,
Em                 D/F#
Is to show the world his love
G                  C
To let ourselves be reflections of
Em            D
The beauty of his Son.
G             D/F#
Mirror mirror on the wall
m                C
Whose the fairest of them all?
It’s Jesus, it’s Jesus

It’s not me.
When you see me doing good,
Em               C
Showing love the way I should,
It’s Jesus I’m reflecting
It’s not me.
G           D/F#
It’s Jesus I’m reflecting
It’s not me.

G               D/F#
Like the coloring of the ocean waves
Em                 C
Imitates the changing sky,
G                  D/F#
Do we let ourselves be directed by
Em              C
The unsteady winds of life?
G                 C
Or do we hold to the Rock of Old
Em              D/F#
Like a lighthouse in a storm,
G                 C
A beacon of God’s unfailing love
Em              D
That inspires and transforms?

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